Other Services

Safe Deposit Box Service

  • Asian Bank offers safe deposit boxes in various sizes and is open seven days a week.
  • Our dedicated employees are available to assist you at any time.
2" x 5" Box
3" x 5" Box
3" x 10" Box
5" x 5" Box
5" x 10" Box
10" x 10" Box

Wire Service

  • Asian Bank offers both domestic and international wire transfer service.
  • Wire transfers processed to worldwide.
Outgoing Domestic
Outgoing to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
All Other International Wires

ATM Card

  • Our ATM card gives you a convenient way to withdraw cash and check account balances through the Accel, Visa, Plus, and Cirrus network in the United States.

Secured Credit Card

  • Asian Bank offers a credit card secured by a savings account.
  • No credit history needed to apply.

Coin Machine

  • Asian Bank offers the use of a coin machine located in our branch.
  • Automatic coin counting for our customers.
  • Fees may apply.